Best way to play the League of Legends game like a Pro

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I have started playing League of Legends since 2018. The number of hours I spent on that game is so much compared to any other activities I actually did. I thought playing every day will make to top the ranker’s list. I heard from somewhere that the players who rank the top like Tony Top 2 and TDF Blade played literally like every day. They spent 353 days playing the game. The results are worst and I couldn’t get at least the rank below 50.  I was depressed that all the hours I spent on the game will not come back.

I shared this with my friend and he is the lifesaver. He told me about Lol boosting and how it helps in getting high scores. Lol boosting is very important to get a rank in the game. It is a method that is being used by millions of players worldwide. You have to search online for elo boosting or Lol boosting. Many websites offer elo boosters. They are nothing but professionals who are very good at this game. They will log on to your account and play under your account. While playing the game, you cannot use your account and wait till the game ends.

There are many ranks to be crossed in League of Legends. Using Lol boosting, you can tell the boosters what rank you should get. The Lol booster plays in order to achieve that game. Getting a booster is not that difficult. There are many online websites available where you can get the boosters at offers and discounts. Following are the ranks in the game League of Legends which is arranged in descending order.

    Challenger (Top rank)








    Iron (Lowest rank)

I searched for Lol boosting and asked my booster to get master rank. It was great to see my name on the ranker’s board with ‘Master’ behind it. However, there are some divisions inside a rank. It means each rank has five divisions starting at four and ending at one. The four being lowest division and one being the highest division. It is said that these positions will be taken into account from 2019, which will be considered as a separate solo queue rank.

How can you climb divisions and ranks?

League Points, LP is a very important factor that helps you climb ranks. A total of 100LP must be achieved in order to get promoted to the higher division and subsequently the higher rank. The 100 League Points or LP is the cut-off value to play for higher ranks. If you cannot win the game, the points can keep decreasing and if playing worse, it can even reach zero. Being inactive for a longer period of time can also lower your points.

This is how I made myself to get into the rank board. And during the time which I couldn’t play the game, I practiced a lot and now I am performing better. You should be patient when your booster is playing.