How to recover the forgotten password in twitter?

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The active phone number or email address is one of the best ways to make sure that you never loss access to your account. You just take a moment and ensure your registered phone number or email address you have linked with your account is up-to-date. When you are using a phone to open a twitter account, then you can simply get a password to reset yourself through a twitter for iPhone, twitter for android or Once you enter the welcome page, you can choose sign in and then click on forgot password option. In order to complete Twitter password recovery, you have to enter the specific username or email address that you are trying to request the password reset. If you have a phone number linked with an account, you can select to get a reset through SMS.

Methods to change your twitter password while you log in

Below are the methods to change your twitter password while you have logged in:

  • From your logged in account, you just tap on a profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen and then choose Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on a password tab
  • Type your existing password
  • Select your new password
  • Save your changes by simply clicking on Save Changes button

Information you need to request a password reset

If you often get the password reset messages that you did not request, you just need additional information to enter in order to initiate the password reset. For getting any additional information to request a Twitter password recovery, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Through and then go to your Account settings
  • Under a Security section, you have to check the box next to Require Personal Information to reset my password
  • You will be needed to enter your account phone number or email address in order to send a password rest SMS or email/ text
  • If your phone number and email address are both linked with your account, you will be asked to enter both and also send the password reset email or SMS/ text
  • When you are prompted to enter the mobile phone number while requesting a password reset and cannot remember what mobile number you used, you can simply enter your account email address or username
  • If you have a twitter app on your android or iOS device, you just open it and also update your email address in your settings