Sewing Made Fun with Techniques You Must Accomplish

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Thinking of making a cover for the cushion you’re leaning on? Trying to make your curtains look better? Sewing is the answer to the questions and unleashing your creativity is the key. With some help from the sewing techniques of stitching given below, you will be enhanced at the craft.


Almost similar to bias tape, binding has the tape part usually made from the same fabric of your project, or you can just simply state DIY bias tape. Giving your garments a splendid touch of professionalism, it is one of the best ways to finish off edges of garments. It is, however, a little tricky. Thinking you can take it? Well, why not try?

Invisible zippers

Seemingly intimidating at first, they are just as simple to install as its standard variant. It might so be that once you learn to install the invisible zippers, it’d seem a strenuous task to go back to the regular. They just add a sense of refinement to your clothing or cushions. It is just like piping where you should be able to adjust your needle left or right.


Classic elegance is added to your clothing with this technique. Piping is an effortless way to add an executive touch to your projects. Depending on your requirements, you have the privilege to choose from a variable of inner cord sizes. A sewing foot allowing you to adjust the needle to the left or right or a zipper foot is needed to make a really close stitch required in this method. This ensures the piping stays tidy.

Flat Felled Seams

Just bought a pair of jeans that don’t fit well? Or maybe just an old favorite pair? Check the seams running down the legs. They are flat felled seams and are useful for thicker fabrics. You would not want bulky seams in pieces where fit is important. It doesn’t leave exposed seams leaving the piece clean.

Princess Seams

This ensures a flat fabric transforming into a wearable contour for the body. Princess Seams are key to creating a nicely tailored clothing, fitting the curves of a woman’s bust line. They are sewn into both sides of a shirt extending from the waist to the arms. It allows adjustments to be made across large sections of the garment.

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